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Kafkalida Island Kyllini Ilias

Island of Kaukalida, Kyllini

The island of Kaykalidas is located at the western point of the Peloponnese in the Ionian Sea, just outside of Kyllini to Zakynthos, against the background of Mount Aenos of Kefalonia. The island is administratively managed by the Municipality of Andravida – Killini (formerly Municipality of Kastro). On top of it, is a lighthouse built in 1906 with a tower height of 15 meters and a focal height of 19 meters made of masonry and reinforced concrete elements and includes the tower of the lighthouse and the housekeeper’s house.

Traditionally, the island was connected to the land with a strip of land. In the island there are Roman tombs and the ruins of an Early Christian temple. Today you go by boat or cliff-rock (reefs). It is a remarkable example of a building of historical and technical interest, important for the history of communications and navigation. The rocky island “Kaykalidas” has a height of 5.5 m and is located at a distance of 3 tenths of the nautical mile from the northwest boundary of the extreme Glarjtzas to which it joins with shallow rocks on the surface of the sea. On the rocky island there are ruins of an ancient temple.

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